Shows I’m Hooked on Right Now

A couple days ago, we had a rare night where we literally did nothing. I mean, I still did some cleaning up, read some work things and did the laundry, but I did that all with tv in the background and in my pyjamas for once.

It enabled us to finally catch up on some tv and chill time. I thought it’d be fun to throw together a little post about the shows I’m currently hooked on:

1. House of Cards

I’m a little late on the uptake with House of Cards, despite many people telling me it’s a fantastic show. I think we’re up to episode 6 of season 1 at the moment and I am hooked. I love the style of the show. It’s a Netflix original that stars Kevin Spacey who is amazing in the show. There’s a lot of breaking the 4th wall while in character. It’s brutal and sharp. It is based in Washington where Kevin Spacey’s character is a Congressman trying to reach the top of the ladder. I love the dynamic between Kevin Spacey’s character and his wife, and can’t wait to catch up to the 4th season.

2. The Originals

I don’t see this show being hyped up too much by my particular circle of friends, but I know it has a huge cult following. It’s a CW show and is a spin-off from Vampire Diaries. To be honest, I prefer The Originals over VD (although VD has gotten incredibly interesting, more on that below). I love how it is a lot more mystical than VD, and that each set of beings; the vampires, witches and werewolves, are given more chances to progress through their fantastical elements than in VD. I also think the show is a lot more funnier than VD and the characters are better thought out. The pace is very quick and it keeps you on your toes.

3. Vampire Diaries

This is now in its 6th season, and I’ve got to say, when it first came out I watched the Pilot and completely dismissed it. The Pilot is honestly cringe-worthy and awful. Two months later I happened to catch it airing on TV and I was hooked at about episode 8. I went back and forced myself to watch the previous episodes, which were all quite awful util about episode 4 or 5. From there on, it grows and becomes so much better. I probably haven’t watched a show that progresses so quickly (other than maybe Breaking Bad) than Vampire Diaries. It blindsides you and you can’t believe that the next episode can possibly be better than the last, but then it is and you’re going what just happened?! I have to say, it does start to sour midway through season 4 and gets a bit repetitive. But give it a chance because due to many factors that would enable spoiler alerts so I’m not going to mention them here, it gets insanely better in season 6 and is totally worth watching.

4. Gossip Girl

This is not a new show. It ended a few years ago and the last season was a half season attempt to try and end the show with the minimal viewers it had left. BUT, gosh the first few seasons are amazing. I watched Gossip Girl when I was in high school, and even now being in the workforce for a few years, it still captures me. I have forgotten every single storyline, and the clothes are still amazing. I started watching from season 1 a month ago and I watch it every single time I do a workout or when I have some time alone. It is amazing and worth a re-watch. I am halfway through season 2 at the moment and the fashion just keeps getting better.

5. Whose Line Is It Anyway?

The new version is great. I laugh in every single episode and it’s just good comedy to watch. It’s a good, 20 minute piece of humour that comes out every week that Cejay and I like to watch with dinner. It’s probably one of the only shows I consistently laugh out loud at (which is very loud, my Latina side means I have a very loud laugh and it cannot be hidden). But all the contestants are great and basically exactly the same as they were in the old version, and Aisha Tyler is a great host.

There is a whole bunch of other shows that is on my Netflix list to watch, which I will get around to slowly. I’m glad that I’ve at least started House of Cards now and will slowly transgress to other shows that I haven’t yet watched, like Better Call Saul, Orange is the New Black (I know, I know), and give The Walking Dead another crack (the Pilot is possibly the best Pilot I have ever seen, but it annoyed me for many reasons which I will probably explain in another post).

What are you guys hooked on? 🙂

Jess xoxo