Recount: January 2016

zaracliffEttalong pool

So it has almost been a month into 2016. January is almost over! It feels like this month has been going for ages but quick at the same time. Part of me is like – it seems like it’s been forever since I was on holiday at that beautiful resort above. Part of me is also like – how is it almost February? Where is the year going? I feel like I haven’t done anything!

But when I really thought about it, there have been some slight changes that I have made so far this year which I am really quite proud of. In past years, I have always made resolutions. I was always that “new year, new start” person. I would resolve to get good grades and to be healthy. I would pride myself on my ambition and proudly state my new years resolutions. But this year, I didn’t treat the new year the same way. To be honest, I was feeling a bit lost. There’s no more university or weddings to have goals about. Last year I worked really hard to get back into running to increase my fitness again to where it used to be, and I achieved what I wanted by mid-way through 2015 so it’s all about upkeep now. So there wasn’t really a health related goal for me to focus on as I feel like I truly did make a change in regard to healthy living last year that has become a part of my lifestyle.

So, the new year came, and to be honest, I hardly noticed it.

I woke up on 1 January 2016 just like any other day. Had my breakfast and went on instagram (mine is @jessica_grundy if you would like to follow) and did my thing. I hardly gave the significance of the day a second thought.

After a month in 2016 though, I am definitely feeling a lot more focused. I am feeling like I am finding myself again after a few difficult and incredibly busy years.

For example, I started to read again.

Reading was such a major part of my childhood, and I lost reading when I entered university. I was forced to read all my textbooks, and doing a law degree, I was reading an average of 400 pages PER WEEK just to get by. That didn’t leave time to read anything for pleasure, not to mention the fact that I was all read out.

But I’ve gone back into it slowly. I am reading the Harry Potter series again. I have read Ella Enchanted which is a book that captured my heart as a girl, and to be honest, it still did reading it again as an adult (although I despised the movie).

After I finish reading HP, I’m going to read A Series of Unfortunate Events again to prepare for the new Netflix series (EEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! SO EXCITED) and THEN, I will start reading some new series.

But I’m glad I’ve started that again.

I’m also glad that despite going through Christmas and a couple of holidays, I have not gained any weight which was a slight fear I had. I lost about 6 kilos last year that I gained thanks to wedding stress, post-wedding honeymoon bliss, just plain old STRESSSSS, and Christmas fun times let us eat all the biscuits and cakes and I have to eat that piece of chocolate because its in the shape of a Christmas bunny. Throw in a couple mini holidays over the New Years and bam, the scales showed me numbers I had never seen before. I was surprised at first because I’ve always generally been fit and healthy. I was quite a skinny, gangly teenager growing up, so gaining that weight was a huge reality slap in the face that, hey, metabolism DOES slow down. Fun fact bro.

So I feel like I’m doing something right despite not have a focused “healthy living” goal. I still have eaten chocolate mousse, and cupcakes, and chocolate. I’m not exactly banning much – I am still enjoying myself and I am feeling good.

But I have had to focus on doing something this year, which isn’t really a resolution, but more a way of life. And that’s to let myself be happy.

I’m a worry-er. I get anxious. It actually gets pretty bad to the point of stomach aches, breaking out in a sweat and insomnia. I hate anxiety. I’ll speak about it more in a future blog post, but that’s something I’m still working on – just enjoying life and simply being happy. I’ve start to be a lot more active on instagram which I have actually found to be helpful. Just posting various little photos of the small things in my everyday life. Being grateful for all that I have. Health, family, friends, shelter, food. It’s helping.

Anyway, that’s just a quick check in of my first month of 2016. It was a pretty good one. I have high hopes for the rest of year. Positivity, love, and happiness are on the agenda.