30 thoughts that go through every 20-something year old girl during a night out

Every time I’ve agreed to go for a night out, I always go through the same dilemmas in my head. Here are 30 thoughts that go through every 20-something year old girl during a night out on the town:

  1. Week and days leading up to the night out: OMG SO EXCITED! Going to drink all the alcohol and have the best time EVER.
  2. Friday at 5pm: this weekend is going to be so great, I wonder what I’m going to wear.
  3. Friday evening: tries on ALL the dresses and can’t find ANYTHING to wear. I wonder if I order something from Asos right now, it’ll get here in time with express shipping? But who wants to pay for express shipping…
  4. Saturday: ughhhhhh I just wanna sleep all day and I just want to order in take out and put on a face mask and do my nails. I don’t want to get dressed up.
  5. Approximately 5 hours before heading out: put on some music, have a glass of wine and so it begins…. face mask, make up, hair, nails, and trying on a million outfits with a million shoe and bag combos…
  6. When you should be leaving – still not ready.
  7. Leave late.
  8. Hey, these heels are actually super comfortable, and they look AMAZING.
  9. Pure excitement as you meet up with your friends and gush about how great the night will be.
  10. Entering said bar or restaurant and scoping out what everyone else is wearing.
  11. Concentrating super hard on the menu because suddenly you’re STARVING.
  12. Ordering food and ALL the drinks.
  13. Eating all the food and … am I on my 3rd or 4th drink now? WHO CARES
  14. Suddenly 3 hours have passed and the restaurant is trying to kick you out.
  15. Tottering outside in high heels and trying to decide where to go next.
  16. Eventually deciding on a place after a shameful amount of time and now experiencing the dreadful walk in heels to the next venue.
  17. Is it really hot or is it just me?
  18. Ouch.
  19. Ouch.
  20. Ouch.
  21. Oh thank goodness we’ve arrived.
  22. Great, we can’t find a seat.
  23. Ouch. My feet are going to fall off.
  24. Music is so good here – what did she just say to me? Just nod. Just nod and smile.
  26. You can now no longer remember what is happening due to your intoxicated state. Bright flashes everywhere.
  27. Suddenly you’re in a taxi home and you don’t know why – you can still keep going! (Or so you think)
  28. Waking up the next morning awfully hungover, with flashes of last night, an empty bank account, mascara down your face, and – who are these people in my photos from last night on my phone?
  29. Hangover hell – never. drinking. again
  30. Approximately 12 hours after hangover, you finally start feeling alive and message your friends how great last night was and when’s the next one?!