Weekend: 27-28 February 2016

  • Finishing work and looking forward to the weekend.
  • Eating dinner and keeping an eye on the time.
  • Heading off to the movies to watch Deadpool.
  • Spotting an old friend at the movies and having a quick catch up.
  • Deadpool was AWESOME.
  • Heading home and having a nice quiet evening before going to bed.
  • Relishing the first proper sleep in since coming back to Sydney.
  • Having a cup of green tea.
  • Sorting laundry and tidying.
  • Playing Sim 3 (we have become addicted again…)
  • Doing some furniture shopping – our study needed a new bookcase.
  • Attending a friend’s housewarming.
  • Eating food and chatting.
  • Heading back to my mother in law’s house for tea and dinner.
  • Having a nice chat with our aunt, uncle and nan.
  • Heading home quite late and doing a further tidy up of the house.
  • Watching tv and relaxing with a cup of tea.
  • Complaining about the awful weather forecasts recently – they have been constantly getting the weather wrong.
  • Heading to bed looking forward to Sunday.
  • Waking up to find Cejay had caught a cold and was now with a sore throat.
  • Calling off our plans to go to the beach today.
  • Heading out quickly to the green grocer and to pick up a lamp we had purchased prior to Asia.
  • Heading home and cooking tortellini for lunch.
  • Watching the brand new episodes of The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Big Bang Theory and Modern Family to distract Cejay from his cold.
  • Playing the Sims as a further distraction.
  • Eating leftover tortellini for dinner (it was really yum)
  • Having a glass of red wine as I binge watched Season 1 of Gossip Girl (I have forgotten everything and I LOVE it)
  • Heading to bed looking forward to another week.

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